About Fund


The venture capital fund Apex was created in 2013; it targets the backing and developing of commercial background of IT-projects within the web-sources market. We contribute investments to promising companies and teams challenging success to reach their goals by means of creating a sustainable strategy to develop a commercially clear business.


The investment money of the Fund shall be provided only within implementation of IT-projects. The investment capacity depends on the needs of a developing company, whatever stage the project’s implementation, with the amount of capital exceeding ten thousand dollars.


Criteria for assessment of investment project’s:


The venture capital Fund APEX is directed on the highest output of contributed costs, therefore we cooperate only with people who are able to run business, large capital, and innovative projects. The capacity building fund is  one hundred million dollars.


The Fund is always searching  for talented specialists and is looking for “progressive minds” all the time. To this aim, we are consolidating  the efforts of  leading companies within the IT area.


We aim to become the top Venture fund within the IT market and the best investment partner for developing projects.


We are pleased to invest in IT-projects!

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