08 September 2014 at 18:23



September, 8, Paris — How To Start Up Lean
Paris is one of the world’s fastest growing startup ecosystems, and entrepreneurs here are lucky to have so many resources available to help them in their journey.

However, many people don’t know what it takes to be lean and fast, and how to get out ahead of the curve. At “How to Start Up Lean”, you will learn from experts of Lean.
More information: http://fi.co/e/18631


September, 8-10, San-Francisco — TechCrunch Disupt
TechCrunch Disrupt — one of the world biggest conferences. Event will consists of discussion panels, hackatone ans Startup Battlefield contest. Among the speakers — Mark Benioff (Salesforce), Mark Cuban (Landmark Theatres), Brian Chesky (Airbnb) and many more people.
More information: http://techcrunch.com/events/disrupt-sf/


September, 9, Singapore — DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore
DrinkEntrepreneurs is an international entrepreneurship networking event running monthly in 40 cities around the world, celebrating a unique culture and spreading the word about the entrepreneurial way of life. Our events are one-of-a-kind social experiences, co-created by you and designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible and meet a wide range of great people.
More information: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/drinkentrepreneurs-singapore-september-2014-tickets-5339893766


September, 9, Denver — Denver Startup Ideation Bootcamp
If you have an idea for a startup that could use some refinement, then join us for the Startup Ideation Bootcamp. In just three hours, this intensive workshop will help you improve your idea, come up with new ideas and even recruit potential co-founders. What are the components of a great idea? How do you know if you are working in an attractive market? How do you validate that your idea is great?. Join the conversation with some great speakers: Bradley Brown (CEO, InteliVideo) Frank Traylor (Principal, Zero Creek) Gary Gaessler (Market Builder/Co-Founder, Cloud Elements)
More information: http://fi.co/e/21131


September, 9, Arlington — Tech Cocktail’s Mixer & Startup Showcase
At Tech Cocktail events you are bound to connect with potential new employees, developers, designers and more. Tech Cocktail could be the place where you meet your next employee, co-founder or even get a date.
More Information: http://tech.co/event/tech-cocktails-dc-mixer-startup-showcase-4


September, 9, Chicago — Founder Night Out
The Founder Night Out is a fun, social event where you can meet local entrepreneurs and technology CEOs, and share your business ideas and aspirations with like-minded peers. Meet the local Director as well as Mentors and Graduates. Join us for drinks and some startup networking!
More information: http://fi.co/e/24411


September, 9, Virginia — How To Find The Right Partner
Do you have an idea for a technology company, but don’t have all of the skills necessary to bring the company into reality? Then join us for Startup Co-Founder 101 Event, produced in partnership with CoFoundersLab. This event begins with a workshop to help aspiring founders understand what to look for in a co-founder, and effectively pitch their startup idea to prospective co-founders. Then, attendees speed-pitch their idea to other attendees, based on the type of co-founder they are looking for and industries they are interested in.
More infomation: http://fi.co/e/18861


September, 11, Stambul — Startup Founder 101
If you are curious about what it is like to run a successful startup, then join us for Startup Founder 101. Hear candid talks by successful entrepreneurs, sharing best practices, strategies and mistakes to avoid from those who have done it before. How do you get started on your entrepreneurial journey? How do you find talented people to join your team? What is it really like to build a successful company?
More information: http://fi.co/e/22791


September, 15, Paris — How To Raise Capital for Your Idea
Do you have a business idea or product that needs funding? Do you want to learn how startup funding works, what you need to do before trying to raise funding, and where you can go to get it? Then join us for this beginner fundraising workshop, which will provide practical, step by step advice, and feature talks from entrepreneurs who have successfully raised money for their businesses. Learn expert tips, big pitfalls to avoid, what investors are looking for, how equity works, and more. Join us for a great event!
More information: http://fi.co/e/18641


September, 15, San-Francisco — GamesBeat 2014
GamesBeat 2014 is VentureBeat’s sixth annual event on disruption in the video game market. The event gathers top execs, investors, analysts, and entrepreneurs from the hottest companies to explore the gaming industry’s latest trends and newest monetization opportunities. This year’s theme is “Total World Domination.” Gaming is competing on the world stage to become the dominant medium for entertainment. Will it succeed? And will the game business be dominated by blockbusters across all platforms — consoles, PCs, mobile, and online — or will diversity thrive as indies stay strong?
More information: http://events.venturebeat.com/event/gamesbeat2014/