26 September 2014 at 17:49



September, 29, Nashville – The Capital UnСonference
This conference will be an event of great interest for entrepreneurs seeking investment over the next 12 to 18 months – attendants are the biggest venture funds and business-angels.

Last year’ UnConference resulted 20 deals totaling $35 million. This event allows you to find a strategic partner, rise investments and learn a lot from experienced participants.
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September, 29, Kyiv – Start Your Dream Course
Inexperienced but ambitious entrepreneurs are invited to attend 10th course Start Your Dream. You’ll participate in harmoniously matched theoretical and practical classes (40h of coaching & business theory + 40h of practice). Topics: business potential assessment, business model formation, business-plan creation, legal and accounting questions, sales strategy, marketing and PR.
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September, 29, Moscow – Founder Institute Information Session
The Founder Institute is the world’s largest idea-stage accelerator. Join us for an informational event where you can meet local Directors, ask questions and learn how you can launch a startup in Moscow with help from top CEOs, experienced peers and a structured approach. What is it like to be in the Founder Institute? Who are some of the peers that you will be working with? Can the Institute help you build your dream company?
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September, 30, Munchen – Startup Ideation Camp
If you have an idea for a startup that could use some refinement, then join us for the Startup Ideation Bootcamp. In just three hours, this intensive workshop will help you improve your idea, come up with new ideas and even recruit potential co-founders. What are the components of a great idea? How do you know if you are working in an attractive market? How do you validate that your idea is great?
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September, 30, San Mateo – G1000MPDWEST
The GLOBAL 1000 Meet | Partner | Deal Portfolio Showcase + Conference is a unique Transaction Network and conference series. G1000MPD WEST brings together Fortune 500/Global 1000 corporates from Corporate Venture Capital, Open Innovation, External Partnering, Business Development, M&A, Tech/Startup Scouting, Research, and Licensing groups looking for transactions with innovative, research-intensive startups and SME companies from verified Portfolio Holders: VCs, Angels, Universities, National and State governments with startup funding programs, and Accelerators and Incubators, who have world-class companies in their portfolios and would like to do significant deals with the Fortune 500/Global 1000.
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September, 30, Palo Alto – The 60 Minute MVP with Justin Wilcox
This is an intensive workshop that will help you improve your idea, come up with new ideas and get your product to a point where you can start presenting and iterating. Join Founder Institute Mentor, Justin Wilcox, master of customer development, in this one of a kind event. What are the components of a great idea? How do you know if you are working in an attractive market? How do you validate that your idea is great? How do you build it quickly so that you know you are heading in the right direction? 60 minutes, and you’ll be ready to launch your MVP.
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September, 30, Dhaka – Startup Founder 101
If you are curious about what it is like to run a successful startup, then join us for Startup Founder 101. Hear candid talks by successful entrepreneurs, sharing best practices, strategies and mistakes to avoid from those who have done it before. How do you get started on your entrepreneurial journey? How do you find talented people to join your team? What is it really like to build a successful company?
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October, 1, Minneapolis – 28th Annual Minnesota Venture & Finance Conference
The 28th Annual Minnesota Venture & Finance Conference (#MNVFC) is Minnesota’s premier event for entrepreneurs and investors. With 400 attending each year, this event is one of the strongest in the country in terms of overall entrepreneur and investor attendance and capital raised by participants. Since 1987 the Annual Minnesota Venture & Finance Conference has been bringing together investors and entrepreneurs to engage, innovate, learn and network in order to nurture Minnesota’s innovation economy.
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October, 1, Tallinn – Startup Founder 101: “Co-founder matchmaking”
At the “Co-Founder Matchmaking” event, you can hear the tips and best practices of how to find a partner for starting your own business and meet possible co-founders. At the event, aspiring and early-stage startup founders can hear candid talks by successful entrepreneurs, learning the best practices, strategies, and mistakes to avoid from those who have been there, done that.
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October, 1, Zagreb – Startup Pitch Bootcamp
If you have a strong idea that could be pitched more clearly, then join us for the Startup Pitch Bootcamp. In just three hours, this intensive workshop will help you improve your pitching skills and understand the components of a great pitch, providing plenty of practice until you get it right. Pitching is a key skill of every successful entrepreneur. How do you communicate your business clearly to employees, customers, and investors? What are some common pitching mistakes that make you look inexperienced? What is the best way to pitch your business?
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October, 1, Honolulu – Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur
Do you want to start your own technology company, but don’t know where to get started? You are not alone. Every day millions of people got to jobs they don’t enjoy, but few do something about it. At the “Employee to Entrepreneur” event, you can hear the stories, tips, and best practices of those who left their jobs to pursue their own startup company. Listen to the experiences of people just like you that have made the transition, and discuss any questions or concerns that you have. How do you know if you have a good idea? What are the first steps in an entrepreneurial journey? Join us for a fun evening!
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October, 2, Singapore – DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore October 2014
DrinkEntrepreneurs is an international entrepreneurship networking event running monthly in 40 cities around the world, celebrating a unique culture and spreading the word about the entrepreneurial way of life. In Singapore, we have become a key connector within the local startup ecosystem.
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October, 4, Yangon – Bringing Silicon Valley to Yangon
Silicon Valley is revered the world over for the technology companies it creates. Over the years, we’ve learned that the Silicon Valley mindset can be replicated in other entrepreneurial ecosystems and we can benefit greatly from the growth of technology companies locally. Yangon has a fast growing startup ecosystem, and entrepreneurs here are lucky to have so many resources available to help them in their journey. However, many people don’t know about all of the resources available, the differences between them, or what resources are right for them. At this event, we will bring the collaborative knowledge sharing of Silicon valley to Yangon and give a quick overview of what it takes to startup in Yangon.
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