01 August 2014 at 13:15



August 5-6, San-Francisco — GrowthBeat 2014. Science of successful marketing

This event is for startup owners and marketing specialists.

Speakers — familiar with any budget amount — will tell about tripling sales, how to choose CRM, explain, what optimization, targeting and personalization are and will learn, how to choose outsourcing marketing company .

Speakers: Loren Simon, Sr. Director of Online Marketing, Walmart, John Mellor, Vice President of Strategy, Adobe, Alex Schulz, VP of Growth, Facebook, people from O’Reilly, VentureBeat, Zappos, Microsoft and many others.

More information: http://events.venturebeat.com/event/growthbeat2014/


August 11-12, Beijing — TechCrunch 2014

After successful event last year in Shanghai, TechCrunch and Techode are together again for The Red Hardware in Beijing. Except bright, popular and experienced speakers, participants are invited to startup fair.
More information: http://techcrunch.com/events/techcrunch-beijing-2014/


August 5, Arlington — Learn how to get funded by investors

Media-company Tech Cocktail known for startup promotion, with kind sponsorship of Crystal Tech Fund, organize event for startup entrepreneurs with already existing business. Businessmen would be learned how to communicate with investors, what are business-angels looking at and woulb be explained, when to ask for investment.

Speakers: Paul Singh, General Partner of Crystal Tech Fund, Co-Founder of 500 Startups, Don Rainey from Grotech Ventures and others.
More information: http://tech.co/event/tech-cocktails-dc-sessions


August 7, Las Vegas — Sessions

Monthly event organized by Tech Cocktail this time will be held in Vegas. Main topics for speakers are success stories about entrepreneurs and investors. No theory, only true stories of real people. Speakers are ready for questions .

Speakers: David Hornik, investor at August Capital, David Kidder, co-Founder of Bionic, Susan Cooney, founder/CEO of Givelocity.
More information: http://tech.co/event/tech-cocktail-week-sessions-3